Organizing the Unorganized

A typical labour mandi functions with two key players - the demand/consumer (employers seeking man-power) and the supply (man-power seeking deployment) and depends on each other to fulfill their respective requirements. However, lack of any proper communication channel between consumers and labourers is a major setback to the mandi dynamics. It is unfortunate that this highly potent sector is significantly ‘unorganized’ and remains marred with such a momentous issue and is scarcely surviving with a 2% annual growth. Labouradda , tried to get a more comprehensive understanding of this dynamics and devised a unique digital formula steering the GPS based mobile phone design road map with an aim of helping generate and abridge leads of employment for the unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers in India. We are sincerely committed to the ‘Digital India’ and ‘Skill India’ initiatives by the Indian Government. Inspirited by these fundamental initiatives, Labouradda has launched a novel Mobile Optimized APP, that will enable direct communication between the consumer and the daily wage labourer, round the clock, i.e. free of the limitations of time and location. We aim at resolving issues like communication-gap, unavailability and unreliability for the consumers while at the same time- increasing demand, hours, days and value of employability for the daily wage earners. We believe that technology will help make this unorganized sector reach its bona fide efficiency.

Labouradda is a proud recipient of the necessary incubation support from iCreate , an independent centre that works towards facilitating ‘Next Generation Entrepreneurship’ and engages with the government to help evolve enabling policies.

Our Vision

Labouradda envisions creating better and empowered livelihood for the 43.5 crore daily wagers all across India. Through our innovation and dedication we are striving towards creating an organized infrastructure and accountable days of employment for these daily wagers.

Labouradda, in coming years, aims at working in close association with the Government of India and The Labour Department and help these labourers at the many mandis across the country in getting educated and benefiting from many welfare schemes, in turn enabling them to also contribute to the country's economy.

It's that easy!

Labouradda Labour/ Mistri connecting services require you to pre plan your labour requirements a day in advance. Plan how many labours / Mistris you need, for how many days and evaluate the current mandi rates ( you can confirm or know about the current mandi or daily wages from our helpline 08808808888)

Once you have planned your Labour/ Mistri requirements and specifications, you need to download our Android App from the Google Playstore and sign up with your information.

LabourAdda- aims at resolving issues like communication-gap, unavailability and unreliability for the consumers while at the same time- increasing demand, hours, days and value of employability for the daily wage earners.

Our app based communication channels aim at connecting an unemployed and available labour in the catchment area with the consumer when called through our app.

Here is how you book the labour/ Mistri on our App step by step

How it works


Login or Signup

Download the Labouradda App from Google Play Store. Enter your mobile number to login or sign up, receive an OTP to verify your number and your'e all set.


Location based connectivity

Select the exact location of where you need the labour by entering the address in the address box or pointing it out on the map


Select Date

Mention the date when the labour or mistri is required at your location. Labouradda App automatically selects the date a day in advance


Confirm your credentials

Choose the quantity of labour or mistri required for your job. Confirm the date, credentials and the amount you are willing to pay the labour or mistri individually and mention the job details for making it easier for the dealer to convey your message across our wide range of labourers


Keep yourself updated

Labouradda App will keep you updated at every moment, from the moment a dealer being assigned to the labour being assigned to your job


Previous & Upcoming Bookings

Labouradda App maintains a ledger for your past bookings and upcoming bookings.