Lucknow: Commercial Launch

The commercial launch in Lucknow was commenced with the labourer on-boarding process. The team got together at different labour mandis across Lucknow and announced their presence over a period of two weeks. Here is a pictorial presentation of how Labouradda transformed a traditional and marginally unorganized labour mandi dynamics into an organized and digitally cohesive system by implementing its design course.

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Glimpse of labourers flocking the traditional labour mandi while they await customers. Many a times, these labourers go days without any substantial leads of employment despite being present the labour mandis everyday.

For every one customer that comes to a labour mandi there are a hundred of labourers wanting to pitch in for the work lead. This situation is often very uncomfortable for the customer while severely lowering the chances of employment for the labourers present at the mandi.

During the initial days, Labouradda team took to participating in the labour mandis and mingling with labourers- educating them about the concept of Labouradda. During these visits, labourers were versed about the benefits of getting onboard with labour adda and how they could increase their employability.

The team took to understanding the issues of the labourers while providing them with solutions under the labouradda design model. The face to face grass root level interactions helped the team get a better understanding of the mandi dynamics and also got leads on better implementation of the design.

The team spent hours at labour mandis educating the labourers about the model and the benefits of getting onboard via pamphlets and face to face interactions. The complacent interaction helped the team to create awareness about Labouradda among the labourers before installing Labouradda canopies and initiating the on boarding process.

Team installing canopies at labour mandis defined the presence of Labouradda and gave momentum to the labour interactions and on-boarding process.

The on-boarding process included– Aadhar card verification, phone number registration, biometric verification, submission of advance top-up, registering them on LMIS system. As an on-boarded labourer they were then presented with a labouradda t-shirt and cap.

Team installed Labouradda canopies at the mandis before the labourers gathered at the mandis.

The registered labourers took to educating and convincing their peers about the concept and urged them to come forward and get themselves registered.

A couple registering with labouradda together.

The on-site labourer on-board process was a buzz since day one of installing company canopy.